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Founded by Glen Bell, taco bell is known as an American chain of widespread delicious fast-food restaurants serving a wide variety of intentive and whimsical Mexican food. after entering the Chinese market in 2003, the restaurants now have their bases in many other countries like United Kingdom, Russia, Finland, Iceland, Romania, Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Dubai, Canada, Aruba, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Iraq and Germany as well. Taco bell is called so because of the restaurant opened by glen bell, the founder of Tellthebell in Downey, California and is now considered as one of the American’s healthiest fast-food restaurants chain equipped with low calorie, high protein and certified vegetarian menus by the American vegetarian association extensively.

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the menu of the infamous taco bell contains a variety of fast food items like black bean burrito, chips and nacho cheese sauce, chips and Pico de Gallo, chips and guacamole, Cinnabon delights, black bean quesarito, bean burrito, shredded chicken burrito, shredded chicken soft taco, grilled steak soft taco, toasted cheddar chalupa, cheesy bean and rice burrito, black bean crunch wrap supreme, chicken quesadilla, steak quesarito, beefy Fritos burrito, power menu bowl, cheesy fiesta potatoes, spicy tostada, burrito supreme, beefy nacho griller, cheesy roll-up, gordita, chalupa, cheesy potato griller, spicy potato soft taco, hard tacos, fiesta taco salad, Grande nachos box, bell Grande, cheesy gordita crunch, cinnamon twists, shredded chicken mini quesadilla, nacho cheese Doritos locos taco supreme, Mexican pizza and fistful of soft tacos.

The main categories of fast food items revolve around crunch wraps, burritos, quesarito and quesadilla commonly wrapped with shredded black bean, cheese, chicken, cinnamon and potatoes. With the arrival of some new items in the menu, the bell lovers had to bid farewell to some items as well. The new additions are crunchy taco supreme, burrito supreme, soft taco supreme combos, steak quesarito; nachos bell Grande, chicken chalupa supreme, Grande scrambler and breakfast quesadilla.

And the removed items from the menu are beefy mini quesadilla, chips and salsa, chipotle chicken loaded griller, double-decker taco, cool ranch and fiery Doritos locos tacos, double tostada, power menu burrito and grilled stuff burrito. One can easily order the tacos from the internet in order to step out of your comfort zone and to try out some cool as well as spicy stuff. You can use special offers through gift vouchers available on the taco app and website.