Smart features of Samsung Android Phones

Smarts phones are very common nowadays and every person has one. There are many companies which manufacture the best smartphones for their customers. One such company is Samsung. It is one of the oldest and reliable companies for android phones. It is not only limited to android phones but it also manufactures laptop, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

About Samsung SmartPhones

It is a South Korean based firm which is operating for many years in this field. Its headquarter is based in Samsung Town, Seoul capital of the nation. It was found in 1938 by LeeByung-Chul. Its product is accepted worldwide recognition. It has launched a variety of phones from very begging till now and has captured a huge market around the globe due to its quality. Every year it launched Android phones with the best quality and distinct features. Some of the most famous phones of Samsung are Galaxy, Core Prime, Samsung Note, and Samsung On pro 7, etc. many different updated versions of these ranges are regularly introduced by it to retain its market share. Today, Samsung is one of the greatest players in the mobile industry and giving a tough competition to its competitors around the globe.

Smart features of Samsung android phones

Due to its unique and smart features, Samsung is able to hold a huge market around the world. It always adds a new feature to its newly launched phone. Every Samsung phone has some unique feature. Some of the features which one will find in most of its phone are as follows:

  • RAM and internal space: Samsung phones are widely accepted because of its RAM feature as well as for internal storage. In most of the phones, it provides up to 4 GB of RAM and 16-64 GB of internal space.
  • Camera: They provide the camera of the best quality both for back and front. As it is an era of social media so people crave perfect photos. Also, it provides some unique editing features which make the pictures as well as videos more interesting.
  • Screen: Most of the phones have widescreen and good quality of the display. Also, the screen is strong enough and has a good quality of touch sensors. Even if one is not choosing touchscreen phones, the screen of the keypad one is also of very good quality.
  • Processor: The processor of the phone is very good in quality. It uses octa-core processors for most of its smartphones.
  • Battery: the batteries are of good quality. They have a long life and save from blast or any other danger. Also, the phone has the feature to stop charging when it reaches 100%. Also, the phones have a battery saver feature which reduces the consumption of charging and reduces the chance of recurring charging.
  • Data saver: The data saving feature of the phone leads to less consumption of data while using the internet.
  • Other features: Apart from all these features these phones have dual SIM, Bluetooth, NFC, USB, OTG, 3G, 4G, good quality of sensors.

All the above features justify why Samsung is among the top brands for Android smartphones.